Neat Hand Saver - 50ml 樂活適手汗救星 - 50 ml



有效令手保持衛生和柔軟乾爽。 The effective way of promoting hand hygiene and keeping your hands soft and sweat free.




令人尷尬的手汗,沒有人願意被人看到——在家人或外人握手前, 手掌先要在衣服上擦拭。 與其畏縮不安! 不如取代以上動作, 無論您身在何處,只須隨身攜帶 樂活適手汗救星可抗手心出汗。



  • 防止手汗過多
  • 日夜享受乾爽、自信的雙手
  • 搽上強力基本止汗劑
  • 全天候除臭、保濕、保護
  • 亦可抗皮膚乾燥和爆拆


新西蘭的頂尖醫生花費數年時間研發出一種先進的止汗配方,旨在有效日夜吸收汗水並防止任詞時間發作。 美國多汗症協會推薦的 Neat 3B  手汗清不僅僅是一款護手霜。 雖然我們無法阻止您的汗腺產生汗水,但可使用具印象深刻的強效止汗潤膚劑,可以控制手汗情況。 乳液可防止手掌過度出汗,即使洗手後, 也能持續數小時之效果。 無論您要控制經常出汗的手,或舉重時需要用力牢固地抓緊,這款保濕和除臭配方都能助你曰夜對抗汗濕。 同時對抗皮膚乾燥和爆拆,讓您可以自信地享受一天的每一刻。 立即購買或立即前往藥房購買!




Neat Hand Saver Lotion



Sweaty hands are embarrassing, and no one wants to be seen wiping down their palms on the clothes before greeting someone – be it family or strangers. Cringe! Instead, keep the Neat 3B Hand Saver Lotion on-hand to combat palm perspiration no matter where life takes you.



  • Prevents excessive hand perspiration
  • Enjoy dry, confident hands AM and PM
  • Infused with a powerful antiperspirant base
  • Deodorize, moisturize, and protect around the clock
  • Combats dryness and chafing too





New Zealand’s leading doctors spent years developing an advanced anti-perspiration formulation, developed to effectively absorb sweat and prevent it from returning throughout the rest of the day and night. Featured by the USA Hyperhidrosis Society, Neat 3B Hand Saver is more than just a hand lotion. While we can’t stop your sweat glands from producing sweat, we can control the aftermath, with a powerful emollient that boasts impressive antiperspirant properties. The lotion prevents the palms from getting excessively sweaty, and the effects last for hours even after washing your hands. Whether your hands are generally sweaty, or you need a more secure grip when lifting weights, this moisturizing and deodorizing formula combats clamminess AM and PM. Fight dryness and chafing at the same time, so you can enjoy every moment of every day with confidence. Get it online now (with worldwide shipping options) or at your local pharmacy today!