Neat Feat Neat Foot Anti-Fungal Foot Spray - 50ml 樂活適抗菌噴腳劑 - 50ml




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癬和腳氣,以及其他不舒疾病,使人虛弱。 如想找一種自然法來抗足痛、指甲真菌、股癬、或以上所有問題,您已經找到了。 Neat Feat 抗真菌足部噴霧劑, 採用 50 毫升大瓶裝,在短短三天內提供 99.1% 的殺菌率。



  • 結果只需幾日,不用數週
  • 適合全家所有年齡人士
  • 純天然成分
  • 出自傳統香薰配方
  • 經證實可緩解腳趾間之輕微感染



假如果厭倦了整曰如在火炙上行走,可用 Neat Feat 抗真菌足部噴霧來降溫。 臨床證明,這種獨特的配方, 使用傳統芳香療法的強效混合物,可以緩解癬、腳氣、指甲真菌和股癬等症狀。 秘訣在於一種叫做千層油或茶樹油之成份,前世紀以來,其強大的抗菌特性而備受重視。 不需再生活於痛苦或不適中, 立刻查看 Neat Feat 抗真菌足部噴霧, 如何改變無數人的生活,在線添加此產品到購物車 - 售完即止。


Neat Feat Natural Antifungal Foot Spray


Tinea and Athlete’s Foot, among other uncomfortable ailments, can be debilitating. If you’re looking for a natural way to fight foot pain, nail fungus, jock itch, something else or all of the above, you’ve found it. The Neat Feat Antifungal Foot Spray comes in a generous 50ml bottle, offering a bacteria kill rate of 99.1%…in just three days.



  • Results in days, not weeks
  • Safe for the whole family, of all ages
  • Bursting with pure all-natural ingredients
  • Based on a traditional aromatherapy formulation
  • Proven to relieve minor foot infections between the toes


If you’re tired of walking on fire all day long, cool things down with the Neat Feat Antifungal Foot Spray. This unique formula has been clinically shown to provide symptomatic relief from the likes of Tinea, Athlete’s Foot, Nail Fungus, and Jock Itch, using a powerful concoction traditionally used in aromatherapy. The secret lies in something called Melaleuca Oil, or Tea Tree Oil, cherished throughout the centuries for its powerful antibacterial properties. There’s no need to live in pain or discomfort any longer. Check out our testimonials to see how the Neat Feat Antifungal Foot Spray has already changed countless lives, and add yours to your cart online when you’re ready – while stocks last. 

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