Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser - 125ml 樂活適爽鞋清 - 125 ml



樂活適爽鞋清 清除鞋, 襪, 腳氣味 Neat Feat樂活適爽鞋清含有抗菌成分,消除異味, 亦有助延長鞋之壽命。 Neatfeat Shoe Deodorizer Destroys Odour On Feet, Shoes Or Socks. Neat Feat Shoe Deodorizer contains an antibacterial ingredient that destroys the odour. This also helps to prolong the shoe life.


勤勞人士的雙腳, 配得上的除味劑。殺死細菌, 消除異味,及延心愛鞋子之壽命。



  • 360° 設計適用任何角度——甚至倒置
  • 無染色配方
  • 殺死引起異味的細菌,及抗鞋臭
  • 易於使用,效果整日持續
  • 醫生研發,療效可靠


Neat Feat 樂活適爽鞋清 由新西蘭先進醫生研發,高性能除味劑,有效抗細菌和異味。其堅韌抗真菌成分,令你整日保持自信、乾爽、無味。可全家使用,簡單樽裝,可快速塗抹在腳上(無論穿鞋, 穿襪,或同時穿鞋襪)。本公司團隊與紐國最佳足病醫生合作,用上數年研究減少足部出汗和潮濕的最有效方法——並保持這種狀態。成果就是一種方便的噴霧足部除味劑,它有效、經濟且確實有效。



Hard-working feet deserve a hard-working deodorizer. Killbacteria and combat odours, while prolonging the lifespan of your favourite shoes.




  • Convenient 360° design works from every angle – even upsidedown
  • Non-staining formula
  • Effectively kills odour-causing bacteria while fighting shoeodours
  • Easy to use with results that last all day and night long
  • Doctor-developed with proven efficacy


Neat Feat’s potent shoe deodorizer is developed by some ofNew Zealand’s leading doctors to bring you a high-performance deodorizer thateffectively fights bacteria and odours. Keep confident, dry, and odour-free allday and night, thanks to tough antibacterial and anti fungal ingredients. Thisconvenient spray deodorizer is safe for the whole family to enjoy, packaged inan easy tube for quick application on the feet (whether you’re wearing shoes orsocks, or both). Our team, in partnership with the nation’s best podiatrists, spent yearsresearching the most effective ways to reduce foot perspiration and wetness –and keep things that way to boot. The result is a convenient spray-on foot deodorizerthat’s effective, economical, and really works.