Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder - 125g 樂活適腳粉 - 125g



每天在腳塗抹 Neat Feat 樂活適腳粉可減少鞋內腳汗,並防止真菌生長, 令鞋長時間無異味。 Applying Neat Feat Shoe Powder to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount of foot perspiration within the shoe and help prevent an environment for fungus growth. Shoes stay odor free for prolonged periods of time.

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什麼味道?袋有這種強效腳粉,周圍不會有人再這問題了。樂活適腳粉 具強力止汗作用,立刻解除雙腳氣味 - 非常適合辛勤穿鞋工作之人士採用。



  • 保持雙腳乾爽無味
  • 防止令人尷尬的腳臭
  • 強效止汗劑防濕氣
  • 有抗真菌作不
  • 每天塗抹,使雙腳乾爽舒適




這種由醫生開發的強效配方, 旨在對抗腳汗及氣味, 無疑地成功掃除此惡患。連續使用 7 天,每次用後都有明顯效果,並長時間持續有效。抗菌劑保護雙腳免受感染,並保持乾爽無味。日常何時何地,感到異味不適,使用此高效腳粉, 十分方便容易。不相信我們?滿意客戶不斷推薦, 你會是下一個嗎?立即購買 Neat Feat 樂活適腳粉


What’s that smell? With this potent foot and shoe powder inyour pocket, neither you nor anyone around you will ask that question everagain. Instantly deodorize hot and tired feet with powerful antiperspirant action– perfect for hard-working soles.




  • Keeps the feet dry and odour-free
  • Effectively prevents embarrassing foot odours不
  • Infused with powerful antiperspirant to reduce wetness
  • Features antibacterial and anti fungal agents
  • Apply every day for dry, comfortable feet


Foot perspiration and odours are no match for this potentdoctor-developed formulation, created to combat foot sweat and its accompanyingodours head-on. Use diligently for 7 days in a row to experience noticeableresults that last long after each use. Antifungal and antibacterial agentsprotect your feet from infection too, on top of keeping you dry and odour-freeall day and night long. This high-performance foot powder is easy to usewherever life takes you, whether you smell something strange, feeluncomfortable, or just want to be safe. Don’t believe us? Click here to checkout some testimonials from our happiest customers for yourself. Could you benext? Get the Neat Feat Foot and Shoe Powder at your local pharmacy today.Can’t wait? Bag it today for doorstep delivery.

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